Completely Biased

Saturday, September 25, 2004

John Howard appears to continually use the Tampa crisis, the Children Overboard saga, the war in Iraq, the Bali bombing and most recently the Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta as reasons why we can’t afford to get rid of the Coalition - after all, who do we trust more? A Government who has been through such crises and who will undoubtedly know what to do during future incidents, or a new and naive Government, led by unproven upstart Mark Latham?

This strikes me as incredibly daft. It’s like me telling you all that I’m a great driver and that as my passenger, you have nothing to fear as I have been involved in fifteen smashes, thus I obviously know my way around a crash site. Therefore, I should continue being designated driver since I am the most experienced at being behind the wheel during an accident.

I love Jess.