Completely Biased

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Mike Scrafton & Phone Calls

While everyone seems obsessing over the fact that his second mobile call with Howard was 51 whole seconds (because it surely takes longer than that to say "yeah, that videotape is inconclusive and doesn't support your claim that children were thrown overboard"), they seem to be skipping over the part where the first call was around 10 minutes long.

UPDATE: From Libs Under Pressure To Release Records...
"I think Mike Scrafton's version is much more credible than the prime minister's because what we know from those telephone records was there were 10 minutes of conversation," Mr Latham told ABC radio.

"The prime minister says the only subject of conversation for 10 minutes was to find out that the video was inconclusive.

"Well I've just said that and it took about 20 seconds."