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Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Ando Zone: Episode 6

the ando zone

Latho called for Ando to stand down today.
This week Nationals star Larry Anthony conceded he had lost his seat of Richmond to Labor.

Mr Latham promptly said Mr Anderson should "now keep his campaign promise to stand down as leader if the Nationals lost any seats".

Mr Anderson retorted that the Nationals appeared to have picked up two Senate seats and that meant a net gain of one seat in Parliament.

"(That) means the Nationals' party room will be expanding," Mr Anderson said. "Thanks to the Nationals, the Coalition is set to hold a majority in the Senate."

Bollocks! I never considered that. *shakes fist at Ando*

Ando also called Latham's campaign "the most incompetent campaign the Western world has seen since Walter Mondale's disastrous US presidential run of 1984".

*shakes fist again*