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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Ando Zone: Episode 1

the ando zone

I made a pretty little banner, as that other graphic was just too big.

Unfortunately, all has been extremely quiet on the Ando front...

Except today he managed to call Tony Windsor a coward for going to the police over his claims that someone had bribed him with a diplomatic posting to get him to stand down.
"I am singularly unimpressed by what I see as an act of cowardice."

Go Ando! To hell with those chickenshits that believe in integrity in government!

And then he continued:
"Who in the National Party, apart from me in consultation with the PM and foreign minister, could have offered somebody a diplomatic posting? It could only have been me."

Awesome! Case closed then.

He also claims that water reforms are the nation's greatest environmental breakthrough. That's right, refusing to sign Kyoto sort of killed a lot of competition for this prestigious honour.
"So who was it that provided the greatest environmental breakthrough in the last Parliament? Me and the Nationals."

I know every time I brush my teeth, have a shower, take a dump, the first thing I think of is my undying gratitude for John Anderson. Then I think "I wonder where I'll be in 118 weeks time."