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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 30 | Roundup

10 DAYS TO GO. Start counting down!

Centrebet has the Coalition at $1.28 and Labor at $3.30. Bah. Someone also put $200,000 on Howard to win today. That's gonna be painful. :P

As far as ordinary polls, I give up. So does the SMH.

To MeggieMacGroovie, regarding "how come the PM can call an election whenever he wants?": This is from the murky depths of my memory, from back when my school did its Year 6 trip to Canberra in 1994, so it's most likely wrong. There is a set term of 3 years for a party to be in office, however, if the Senate knocks back a bill twice that the House Of Reps tries to pass, then the government has the right to call a double-dissolution election. Which is what this is. Howard could have done it ages ago, but opinion polls have constantly shown he would get his arse kicked. His back was up against the wall at the end of last month however, due to Mike Scrafton and the truth coming out about Tampa and everything, so he called the election to dodge the Senate inquiry and possibly get utterly drilled (otherwise the election would be in November sometime). That's my entirely skewed and uninformed perspective on it however. You should probably be asking someone who studies politics or whatever.
"The Australian Constitution provides for a bicameral system, that is, proposed laws must be agreed to by two differently constituted houses of parliament, as a safeguard against misuse of the law-making power. The Constitution also provides a method for resolving deadlocks which might arise in the event of a disagreement between the two houses. If the Senate twice fails to pass a bill from the House of Representatives, under certain specified conditions, the Governor-General may simultaneously dissolve both houses, in which case elections are held for all seats in both houses. This double dissolution procedure is the only exception to the rule of fixed terms for senators. If the deadlock persists after the elections the Governor-General may convene a joint sitting of the two houses to resolve the matter."

Read more stuff here.

Note that I'm seriously not 100% sure on this so don't take it as gospel.

My Head Is Full Of Bacon
Unfortunately Pauline Pantsdown's I Don't Like It (first song to be left off the Hottest 100 due to legal action) doesn't look like it'll be unbanned. Oh well. If you pick up the Rock Against Howard album, there's a song on the second disc where John Howard gets the Pauline Pantsdown treatment. It rocks.

Interest Rates
Regarding 14 financial institutions unanimously saying the government made no difference whatsoever when it came to interest rates:
"They are not always right. With great respect to those people, they haven't been right in the past and I'm not certain they're going to be right in relation to this. They're just asserting something. I'm pointing to field evidence."
- John Howard

Field evidence = interest rates under Labor back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Sure beats all that mathematical trickery!

In other news, the ALP wants to save the dolphins, and Howard is being a bastard. Tomorrow is going to be really interesting.

Howard bailed on the Kyoto Protocol, citing that it'd cut Australian jobs. How? I thought it'd create more jobs as companies would need to employ more people for R&D, etc.

And what an utter fucking joke this site is. So bad that whoever wrote it was too scared to attach their name to it. Whois info:
Domain name:

Registrant, Administrative, Technical, Billing Contact:
Domain Admin (
Fax: 0000000

...Which I'm fairly certain is technically illegal.

Still on the hunt for Andoisms... All is quiet.