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Monday, September 27, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 28 | Roundup

Wow. So it looks like the NRL GF will be a non-event. Eastern suburbs tossbags versus a team that's brought the NRL into disrepute more times than any other team I can remember (and did that rape case ever get solved?). After Penrith got the arse last night, I was hoping North Queensland would do a fairytale today, but alas, it wasn't to be. Bah, who to cheer for now... It's like choosing between Family First and CEC.

Centrebet odds for the Coalition are $1.33, Labor $3.00 again. I blame that poll.

On a day where I thought not much happened, it turned out that a shitload did. Now to hammer through all these open tabs...

"My Husband Is Not A Liar"
So says Howard's wife. So if he's not a liar, what is he? Utterly incompetent? Which gets to be the subject of the new ALP ad:
"Have you noticed that when there's a crisis, a mistake, a backflip, misleading information, missing information, a blunder, an inquiry, a failure, an oversight or a cover-up... John Howard is never to blame? If John Howard isn't aware of what's going on, that's terrible. If he is, that's worse."

Sounds fun.

Open-Letter Writing Fever
Around about 380 academics from virtually every university in Australia sent Howard an open letter regarding Iraq. Headlines most likely will read "PM Rejects Iraq Letter" or something like that once again. But that's not all! Twenty medical experts are gearing up to send another open letter, demanding changes to the FTA with relation to the PBS. Ugh. Goddamn FTA.

And a bunch of musos have taken out ads in Drum Media and other mags, speaking out against Howard.

While we're on the subject, here's what Bob Mathews wrote to Howard 3 days prior to the Iraq announcement.

Can you remember the last time so many people were this pissed off with the government?

Time To Go John has also launched - which is a set of anti-Howard short films.

Liberal Campaign Launch
In amongst mentioning interest rates 19 times in the one speech, Howard made with the non-core promises at the formal campaign launch today. There's an arseload of stories around so I'll just put a list up of a few:

He's said that he's contemplating leaving politics after Christmas, if he can't get leadership. So who would be next on the list? I'd like to see Tony Abbott as the Liberal leader, but in opposition, and with him having to step down before an election. It'd rule. He's such an utter twat; it'd be the most interesting government term ever, with Latham as PM and Abbott being an utter dick. But have him step down before he could do any actual damage.

A Tale Of Two Treasurers
Finally: Costello gets grilled on Sunrise. It rocks. Crean had a chat on the Insiders. Not as interesting but still alright.

And so ends this badly cobbled together post. I'm going to bed.