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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 13 | Taking A Break

Nothing at all really happened today. I checked overseas news sites to see how this bombing rates as far as the rest of the world is concerned, and it pretty much gets no mention at all. Other than that, absolutely nothing has happened.

Sidney Jones has an article that News Ltd should read.

Four Year Wait To Unite Family Ends In Cruel Separation, from the SMH. It's harshly ironic that she wouldn't have been at the embassy if it wasn't for our immigration policies.

I'd like to delve more into this Peter Costello being a religious freak story, thanks to some comments made by Hack Watch (a good site, exposing dodgy journalism, by someone far smarter/more experienced than me) a few posts ago. Maybe tomorrow.

Don't forget - 7:30 tomorrow night.

And here's some of that evil, evil hip hop that Peter Costello says is responsible for society's moral decay:
i don’t understand the whole reason why
you tellin’ us all that we need to unify
rally round the flag
and beat the drums of war
sing the same old songs
ya know we heard ‘em all before
you tellin’ me it’s unpatriotic
but I call it what I see it
when I see it’s idiotic
the tears of one mother
are the same as any other
drop food on the kids
while you’re murderin’ their fathers
but don’t bother to show it on cnn
brothers and sisters don’t believe them
it’s not a war against evil
it’s really just revenge
engaged on the poorest by the same rich men
fight terrorists wherever they be found
but why you not bombing tim mcveigh’s hometown
you can say what you want propaganda television
but all bombing is terrorism

we can chase down all our enemies
bring them to their knees
we can bomb the world to pieces
but we can’t bomb it into peace

First person to name the song wins... nothing.