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Friday, September 10, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 11 | One Month To Go

Okay, I realise that the previous two posts make me look like an inhumane turd. My apologies, and hopefully the fuckstains that did this will get caught.

The Embassy
I was looking at doing a story on Jemaah Islamiyah* (which will be referred to as JI from here on, as its a total bitch to spell) tonight, heavily exploring the why (ie. what are their motivations and aims), because that part of the story is almost always left out in the media, but I just can't. There isn't enough unbiased information out there that goes into detail, I have no informative connections whatsoever, and I just don't have the time. It's a shame because I reckon it'd be a story that'd be interesting.

The only three reasons I (thanks to Rat and his knowledge of world events, plus a few random websites) could find for directing a bombing at us:
  1. JI wants a gigantic Islamic state that spans right across south-east Asia, to have a population of 420 million. It was rumoured that northern Australia was to fit into that too, but that has never been confirmed and was probably made up to sell newspapers, so it's probably bullshit.
  2. They're pissed at our involvement in East Timor a few years back.
  3. They see how our PM sucks more presidential dick than Monica Lewinsky, and wanted to send a message. Which is just plain stupid because it'll increase the likelihood of him being around after October 9.

As you can see, I was quite limited for research material.

Counterspin raises some interesting questions.
All of the attacks on Western targets since 9/11 have taken place on Howard's watch. How does this make him the strongest candidate on national security? Mr Downer might also like to start thinking about "root causes" - if he wants to help bring this to an end. Mouthing off about the evil and barbaric people behind these attacks helps no-one.

Although I wouldn't blame Howard for an increase in worldwide terrorism, he might as well be blamed for it if he wants to claim responsibility for interest rates and other things that are beyond his control.

Now, onto other stuff.

The election is going to be put on hold tomorrow for the people killed in the bombing, and on Saturday as it marks the third year since the world went insane. On Sunday it will resume again - don't forget Sunday night will be the night of the "debate." I am hoping Latham smacks Howard over the head with a steel chair. Looks like Ray won't be the special guest referee that inadvertantly gets punched out though, as he's pulled out.

Do Something
Today I got so annoyed with Howard (he just pisses me off the same way reality TV does) that I drove all the way up to Katoomba, accidentally locked myself out of the car (and I swear, at 5PM wearing only a t-shirt and pants standing around in the Upper Mountains for an hour... it's something you don't want to do - I couldn't grip the steering wheel properly for the first ten minutes driving back due to the strength being gone from my arms), and went to Mark Ptolemy's campaign office and put my name down as a volunteer. This isn't to say I'm going to be ranting about how awesome the ALP is (although you have to admit, Latham kicks arse) - I'm still all for Greens, Democrats and whatever non-Liberal party/candidate you want, but Howard needs to lose something like 12 seats to get out of power, and Macquarie might as well be one of them. Ptolemy looks like the best chance against Kerry "Invisible Man" Bartlett, so I'm going to help out with letterbox drops and election day stuff. If anyone else has the time, please go and volunteer to help out the non-Liberal candidate of your choice in your electorate. Maybe it'll be us that makes the difference.

Now wasn't that all inspirational? Feels like it should go in the end of a sports movie.

Anderson Tries Another Whacked Out Scare Tactic By Claiming Latham Eats Babies
DEPUTY Prime Minister John Anderson today accused Opposition Leader Mark Latham of wanting to change the Australian flag.

Launching the campaign for Nationals candidate Trevor Khan in the regional NSW seat of New England, Mr Anderson said he was intrigued to discover that Mr Latham thought the Australian flag should be changed.

Mr Anderson said country people were very strong defenders of the flag.

"(Mr Latham) actually had a proposal, which I have never seen him repudiate, that the Eureka flag would make a good replacement," he said.

"People in the country believe very strongly in the flag.

"They would like to know what their leaders think about the flag."

That's taken from Latham "Wants New Flag," over at trusty old unbiased News Ltd (I wonder if we'll ever get a Fox News of our very own, if only to keep some whacked out shitburgers happy?) While yes, Latham mentioned this ages ago, I don't see what the hell it has to do with anything in this current election whatsoever. I'm also for a new flag anyway. Maybe when the republic thing comes around again.

Howard Does The Hyprocritical Liar Dance Again
LABOR'S claims it would treat the budget surplus responsibly were almost obscene considering the ALP could not deliver surpluses when it was last in government, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

Weird. I was under the impression that the budget wasn't being controlled by the exact same people as 8 years ago and that Labor hadn't learnt anything. Read more here. Followed by this:
"Bob's right in saying we're not going to engage in a reckless spending spree," Mr Latham said.

"That's a ridgy-didge, dinky-di, fair dinkum commitment."

True blue, bonza ripper alright Vegemite, unreal banana peel.

I was looking for the history of the terms left and right wing. Encarta says this:
At the French National Assembly of 1789, members of the "first estate"--the conservative clergy--sat on the right side of the king, while members of the "third estate"--the commoners, including Jacobin radicals who sought to change the political regime--sat on the left side.

Apologies for lots of crapping on and not much news in this post; it's just that not much has happened due to the election being put on hold for the next few days.

* don't forget to mention "possible links to al-Qaeda" in story somewhere, because it's a standard media thing if you're referring to terrorism