Completely Biased

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Herald Sun Employs Genius As Editor

Holy shit, check out this editorial piece from the Herald Sun:
THOSE seeking the fair treatment of alleged terrorists David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib do not suggest they should escape trial.

Certainly, if it were established they were linked to the murderous fanatics of al-Qaida then they deserve the full force of the law.

But it is the process of establishing their guilt or innocence that has been causing concern in Australia.

In what is a remarkable and unprecedented situation, two Australian citizens are to be tried by American military commissions that even in the US are regarded as having dubious processes and questionable status.

This has prompted many Australians to keep prodding the Howard Government to either bring the pair home for trial or, failing that, ensure they get justice.

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said yesterday the US had already acted on Australia's concerns over issues such as the presumption of innocence and the withdrawal of the death penalty, but more had to be done.

``Following our observations of the preliminary hearing, it appears that some improvements are required to ensure that understandings on procedural fairness are met in practice,'' he said.

And now for my favourite part of this whole story, the final three sentences that have nothing to do with the preceding parts and make no sense whatsoever:
The West faces a brutal, fanatical foe who detests our commitment to political and religious freedoms.

Our democratic system, which they so loathe, has at its heart the rule of law and the right of all citizens to a fair trial.

We cannot afford to let the terrorists bully us into abandoning these precious rights.


While I admit that I too will frequently go off on tangents whilst writing (none as stupid as that though) stories, my excuse is that I don't run a major newspaper, nor am I employed in the journalism industry in any way, shape or form.