Completely Biased

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 7 | Liberals Talk Down Doctor's Letter (how totally unexpected!)

I have been digging around all afternoon trying to find a copy of this magical mystery letter. All I can find is the Liberal's responses to it:
"I respect their right to have another view, this is a democracy. I don't agree with their view and I would have thought as doctors they would have taken account of the fact that spending on public health after [former dictator] Saddam [Hussein] is 60 times greater than what it was when Saddam ran Iraq."

So says the man with the eyebrows. I'd like to look into that "60 times more" statement a bit more later, when I dig up some more stats. Maybe 60 times as much is being spent because 60 times as many things are being blown up. But I need to research more.

Peter Costello said this:
"You've got those doctors who are making their statement, they're entitled to do so but I actually believe that Iraq will be a better place for the downfall of a tyrant like Saddam Hussein."

Now I'd like to juxtapose this with the latest news on Iraq:
Violence left 44 dead in Iraq yesterday in one of the bloodiest days since the new Iraqi government took office, as hopes slipped for two French journalists held by a radical Islamic group and saboteurs hit oil pipelines in the north and south of the country.