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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 7 | Stupidest Statistic Of The Day

My favourite one at the moment, coming from We'll Vote Labor But We Like Howard, Says Young:
And if a group of young western Sydney voters have anything to do with it, Mr Howard is going to march back into power.

Despite these new voters' school - All Saints Catholic Senior College, Casula - being in Mark Latham's electorate of Werriwa, the signs are not good for the Opposition Leader. Five of the seven year 12 students said they planned to vote Liberal.

5 out of 7 Year 12 students at All Saints Catholic Senior College are planning to vote Liberal. STOP THE PRESS!

And in other major news, five out of the seven empty cans in the recycling bin are Pepsi Max. I'm currently in negotiations to sell this story to the Herald.