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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Open Letter From Medical Professionals

I finally found it in its entirety! Here's the letter part below, with the names of the signatories chopped off to save space, but if you want to know who signed it, check the link.
released 5 September 2004

We are members of a profession dedicated to healing, saving lives and the prevention of human suffering.

We believe it is our duty to state to the Australian Government and the Opposition that we are deeply disturbed by the ongoing war in Iraq. The war is causing horrific injuries and loss of life to Iraq’s people, particularly children. It has destroyed essential infrastructure, including the health system. Yet it shows no sign of ending.

The horrors of the last century have shown more than ever that war is so devastating to human lives and society- both short and long term-that it should only be waged as a last resort. It is thus immoral for governments to declare war before all peaceful processes have been truly exhausted; and before there has been a full public debate by a truthfully informed people; and before there is a full and clear mandate from the United Nations under international law.

It is now clear that the Howard Government broke all these conditions in committing Australia to join the U.S. in its invasion of Iraq.

There was no mandate from the UN under international law for this war. The United Nations’ peaceful processes of weapons inspections negotiations with the Iraq Government were terminated by the decision of the Bush Administration to invade.

The reasons the Howard Government gave to the Australian people for joining with the U.S. in invading Iraq have proved to be false and misleading- particularly the claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and was allied to global terrorism.

We call on the Howard Government or an elected Latham Government to meet its moral responsibility to make amends for this tragic mistake of Australian Government policy. This must include re-directing Australian resources, civilian and military, to work only within the ambit of the U.N. for the civilian reconstruction of Iraq. The restoration of the health system is an urgent priority, and we urge the Australian Government and people to give all the necessary financial assistance.