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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 22 | Yeah, You Know The Drill

I seriously have to write this earlier in the evening instead of just before I go to bed each night. It's wrecking my sleeping patterns and all the news is stale by now. Argh.

I have been searching through the Australian Bureau of Statistics site trying to figure out how many people in Australia are in a single income family, making under $35,000, with three kids (one under five). It just seems like such an obscure statistic that I want to know what percentage of the population is in it. Can't find it anywhere at all on there though. That site is like a giant mirror maze.

Western Sydney Bribes
Mushroom asked me what I thought about the Panthers Stadium upgrade. I think it is a complete load of crap and something that Panthers and the NRL should be involved in, NOT the government. It'd be like Howard announcing funding to stack another level on the Plaza or something. It isn't as if Penrith Stadium even needs the money. Not only does the biggest leagues club in the southern hemisphere run the place, but virtually every game this season has been nearing capacity crowds, and sponsorship is on pretty much everything.
"These funds, that's the $10 million, will enable the playing surface to be replaced..."

I fail to see how someone can spend $10 million replacing dirt and grass.

Possibly it'll go towards increasing the capacity, which leads to more business for the NRL and Penrith, and once again is something that the government should have no involvement in whatsoever.

And don't get me started on UWS again. But while nobody did, I've just gotten myself started on it by mentioning it.

UWS has had to axe degrees whilst students are halfway through them, sprawl subjects over campuses, bury books, and do all sorts of other shit because the government has been raping them with regards to funding for the majority of this decade. A UWS degree should command ten times as much respect as other universities as you'll have to endure a whole lot more bullshit and hardship to get it. And now, lucky us! Election time comes and they want to fix it all. Will people believe them after almost a decade of shitfights with the Uni? It shrieks "non-core promise" to me.

The Daily Telegraph reckons all of Western Sydney will continue to vote Liberal. Apparently we really are that stupid. Although anything the Telegraph publishes should be held under a blowtorch for a week before it can be believed as fact. Newspolls released today said the ALP would have won the election if it was held yesterday.

Bomb The World
Ooh! I was waiting for Piers The Fuckwit to write a piece slagging Latham for not willingly launching pre-emptive strikes on other countries, and he has! Sometimes I wonder if he personally disagrees with what he's writing, but has to fill a quota of pro-Howard articles or something.
Since Beslan, though, Russia has declared it will fight terrorists wherever they are. Surely this is the position that must be adopted if international terrorists are to be eliminated.

That's a brilliant idea Piers! That way everyone on the planet can go about their lives living in fear of being nuked not by terrorists, but by other countries that suspect we have terrorists! Fuck it! Why stop there?! Let's just bomb some random countries we don't like! I'm sure launching a few at Indonesia, with a population nearly 6 times the size of us, wouldn't carry any consequences whatsoever! I'm sure there's some American terrorists that don't like Australia too! Let's shoot a few bombs over there! That'll show them who's boss! Japan had a few submarines over here in World War 2 - they could be planning something else. Let's flatten Hiroshima again! I don't much like New Zealand either. Those sheep are probably planning something. I think our only option is to sink it. The Teletubbies came from Britain, and they're pretty funny looking. Definite terrorist material. Back to horses and carts for you!

Oh this is awesome. Bomb the shit out of other countries and don't expect anything worse in return. Howard truly is the smart option. Thankyou Piers, you have opened my eyes to the stupidity of my left-wing ways.
Australians can't afford to risk their security by taking the Latham option on defence.

Defence or Offence?

Kimbo also had a go at Howard on the pre-emptive strike thing.
"Why doesn't the Prime Minister pre-empt? Why doesn't he attack them? It's known now where they are and he can attack them, but the point is he doesn't do that - he doesn't do that because it would poison our relationship with them [South-East Asia] permanently."

So would that make Howard a (shock horror) liar?

Malaysia also told Howard to get stuffed. And then Latham did it as well!

What other shit happened today? Oh! Two stories. The first being claims from someone that hates Latham, that he was involved in branch-stacking a few years back. Odds are this is probably true, as while unethical, it is frequently done within all political parties. The second being Tony Windsor, an independent in New England with nothing really against any party, was offered a diplomatic posting if he withdrew himself from running for re-election in his seat (totally illegal). The seat was previously held by right-wing parties for 82 years, until he won it in 2001. A spokesman for Howard said "no such offer was made with [the Prime Minister's] authority or knowledge." Which, let's face it, as this excuse has been used so many times before for anything that goes wrong with Howard, basically confirms Howard had everything to do with it.

The Rest
And other shit:

Labor plans to completely phase out plastic bags by 2007.

And they want to freeze line rental costs with Telstra for their first term, check out SMS pricing (it costs about half as much in the rest of the world than it does here), put in a cooling off period for buying a new mobile, and, best of all, bring in a do-not-call list for telemarketers. OH GOD YES.

And lastly, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Tony Abbott is still a dickhead.