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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 20 | The Greens And Labor

Right. Firstly.

Latham Pulls The Chicks
A week ago, the Herald Sun (hi News Ltd) ran a story that said women have deserted Labor. Today the SMH ran a story saying women were progressively moving towards Labor. Which one to believe?

And today's big story...

The Greens/Labor/Liberal Love Triangle
Firstly, The Daily Telegraph are running a story saying "Howard Won't Do Deal With Greens." Isn't it meant to be the other way around, Greens Won't Do Deal With Howard? Or would that put Howard in a negative light? Or have I just been awake too long?

So the big story anyway, Labor and the Greens did a preference deal today. The Greens will preference Labor after the Democrats, but before the Liberals, and Labor will preference the Greens before the Democrats, One Nation, and the Liberals. None of this applies to Tasmania. This slightly increases Labor's chances of making government.

John Howard - If You Can't Tell The Truth, You Don't Deserve To Run A Country
The Liberals, never above lies and mudslinging (ever), intend to start slagging off Latham at the start of this upcoming week. So expect a lot of ads bagging him for his job as mayor of Liverpool Council (of which, under his leadership, was named the most successful reforming council in the state in 1995, according to findings by a Wollongong Uni study). Howard has never run a council, so he'd of course know what he's talking about.

Liberals Hope Riff People Are Morons
And this just fucking pisses me off. Howard is going to the Riff tomorrow to announce a bunch of fucked up funding promises in a cynical attempt to bribe Penrith's voters.

First off, I went to UWS for a year and a half and basically hated it. Other than the Liberals, it's my favourite thing to bag. However, just because it wasn't for me, doesn't mean it isn't for everyone. I have had friends that have stuck through and done the courses, some across three campuses due to subjects being dropped thanks to the Libs and funding cuts.

The Liberals have let UWS rot in shitty administration and massive underfunding for 8 years, now they want to buy some votes by throwing $20m at it - which makes you wonder why they cut all the funds in the first place.

Now, let's take a look at a few of Jackie Kelly's (Liberal MP for Lindsay) greatest hits:
Get the picture? Here's some choice quotes:
"Not a chance. Over my dead body. Never."
- Jackie Kelly, on UWS funding, just a few months ago

"No one in my electorate goes to uni."
- Jackie Kelly, proud of her city (2019 students at UWS are from Lindsay)

And funding for Penrith stadium? I mean, what the fuck? The biggest leagues club in the southern hemisphere is sitting across the street, run by the same people, and Howard is handing out funding?

Argh! Giving special treatment to marginal seats just seems so fucked up.

I was going to drop down to the Plaza tomorrow to pick up the Spazzys album, so I might stop in at the Joan Sutherland Centre with some eggs.

Centrebet odds for the Coalition have dropped again - $1.28 compared to Labor's $3.30. Who are these invisible fucking idiots that keep swinging towards Howard?!