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Friday, September 17, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 18 | Giving You Today's News, After The Day Is Over

Does it seem that the Liberals have done pretty much jack shit in the way of policy announcements this election? All they seem to do is wait for Labor to announce something, then bag it out four hours later.

Murray River Stuff
Latham said Labor would give $500m to get more water flows for the Murray, to return 450GL of water back to the system within three years. And then they'd invest another $500m in the Murray Darling River Bank, which is an organisation in water infrastructure, catchment management programs, and private sector efficiency. Howard's response? "Too vague."

More Water Stuff
The state premiers have sent Howard a letter telling him how much of a dick he is for his plans to fund his water policy by cutting state funds. Thrilling. No doubt he'll reject it tomorrow.

More On The Anti-Greens Junk Mail
The Greens themselves have issued a press release denouncing the piece of crap that the Liberal party put out. New Matilda is also going into the whole thing, and so have Crikey apparently, but I'm not a subscriber or anything so I dunno for sure. Counter Spin have been doing a lot of work on it too, speaking to Scott Morrison about it. Hopefully this whole thing has backfired in the Liberal's faces.

In other Greens-related news, News Ltd are at it again, claiming the Greens want to abolish all the states.
"How on earth can you even contemplate removing the states? What will they call state of origin rugby games?"
- Tasmanian Minister Bryan Green.

Last time I checked, the ARU weren't running State Of Origin.

This story, amazingly enough, is exclusive to News Ltd. I should start scanning shit from The Daily Telegraph. Howard got on the bandwagon today too, urging everyone not to vote Green.

Howard bagged out Pauline Hanson's policies, magically knowing what they were all even though she only applied to the AEC today. Latham stated that they wouldn't do a preference deal with her. Howard hasn't ruled it out.

Howard Sticks Fingers In Ears Again - Re: UN
Howard reckons UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is wrong on his claims that the invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law. Because an utter bastard of a PM, in a country of 20m, surely knows more than the Secretary-General of the UN.
"I haven't seen that report but the legal advice that we have, and I tabled it at the time, was that the action was entirely valid in international law terms, and that was a legal opinion that we obtained from the relevant people in Australia."
- John Howard, claiming the UN is wrong without actually bothering to read what they said

Dickheads In The Media
Piers Akerman has written his second article that makes him look like a fuckwit this week. Okay, so they always make him look like a fuckwit, but you know what I mean. I've never followed Victorian news but apparenly you people get a fuckwit called Andrew Bolt doing his thing. Who ever knew a gigantic walking penis could write? Hack Watch is keeping track of all these wonderful contributors of our society, and many more!

Howard's End are looking for the best possible slogan to stick on a fridge magnet. The best entry gets printed onto 5,000 of them, and distributed freely to people in Howard's electorate. Slogan Of The Day:
Young and free? Our PM's 65 & we lock up refugees.

Some crazy protester went and confronted Howard today. Does this shit actually work? Do people listen to them, or automatically write them off because what they're doing to get attention?

And the rest in brief:
Plus a heap more things on private schools blah blah. It's dominating the news so you shouldn't have to look here for it.

Unrelated To Politics, It Was Just Pissing Me Off When I Was Writing This
And finally, this is unrelated to everything, but I just had to say it - The Daily Telegraph and the SMH are bitching that the Australian Idol fuckwits have only been nominated for unit sales, and not for album of the year or artist of the year in the ARIA awards. NEWSFLASH, DICKHEADS: If cardboard could sing, it'd have a deal with Idol. Their generic flavour of music brings nothing whatsoever to the industry except for TV ratings and CD sales. The day premanufactured bile from the popstar machine wins album of the year over actual talent is the day Australian music has gone to the shithouse (no, Delta doesn't fall in this category). Imagine a major art award. Could it be won by someone with a team of market researchers, concept designers, case studiers, someone sourcing everything, drawing the actual work up, then getting the artist to paint it, whilst having their hand held by a producer, then getting the work touched up by someone else? No, unless it was a postmodernist piece on raping away artistic merit for the sake of fast sales.