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Monday, September 13, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 15 | Junk Mail

Because Blogger apparently has unlimited photo space, I thought I'd scan all the electoral junk mail that I get sent, and post it here. The second piece of crap I've gotten is the following (the first was a letter from Kerry Bartlett that I received the day after Howard called the election, and I've since thrown it out)...

"My God!" I exclaimed. "The Greens indulge in secret ritual sacrifice of virgins and like to drink baby's blood?! Those bastards!"

Notice how all the news quotes there are from News Ltd papers, who are renowned the world over for quality journalism (and are in no way currently involved in a smear campaign against the Greens)?

This bit of crap was apparently authorised by Scott Morrison, all the way over in East Sydney (I thought if they were from a party, they had to say what party?). I'd never heard of him before, so I poked around on Google, no doubt expecting him to be some unbiased, concerned resident with no ties to any political party whatsoever.

And here we have Scott Morrison, State Director for the NSW division of the Liberal Party! I would never have guessed! He looks like he belongs on the League Of Gentlemen, if you ask me.

But unfortunately, I can't dig up any real dirt on him, short of helping the PM to spam his own electorate, siding with Malcolm Turnbull in the King/Turnbull fight, and having this ironic comment to say when denying Liberal members had been punching on amongst themselves:
"This sort of behaviour has no place in the Liberal Party. We are a very diverse party which accommodates a broad spectrum of opinion and beliefs and that's one of our party's strengths.

Oh, and he's a Crazy Religious Fucker too.