Completely Biased

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 14 | Howard Reamed In Debate

Well! That was interesting.

If you missed it, the ABC are running a replay of it at 10PM tonight.

All of Howard's rule changes in the end made no difference - Latham pretty much hammered him on every issue. That, of course, is my completely unbiased opinion. :P

The winner, as determined by The Worm, was Latham, with 67% of the vote. Let's hope election results will be similar.

My friend Clare had this to say:
when it comes, it will come to you says:
when it comes, it will come to you says:
     i think channel 9 put the green haired dude behind the woman talking all the time so that their viewers dismissed the fact that latham wins hands down