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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 17 | Roundup

I was looking at News Ltd's election page, whilst thinking it was the SMH's. "Jeez, SMH is really bagging the hell out of Labor today. Wonder what's going on?" Then I realised it was News Ltd. Bah.

The Daily Telegraph is currently in its sixth day of flogging the hell out of this Indonesian-girl-in-embassy-bombing story on the front page. Surely they're running out of photos from the family album by now.

Off With Their Heads
The 225 Australians that the government knows are in Iraq have all been accounted for. So it looks like the hostage thing was a hoax. Well, given that they gave 24 hours then there was no news of anything happening after that, sort of did it. Maybe they kidnapped two Austrians and spelt the note wrong. Oh, and Labor cracked the shits over being left out of the loop over the whole thing.

Labor + Schools = OMGZ EVIL!!!1
More Schools Will Lose Under Latham, screams a lovely headline from News Ltd, who got their completely unbiased facts from Peter Costello, John Howard, and the principal of the Kings School (where the only school facility missing is an international airport).

Howard bagged out the schools policy some more, and The Australian decides to get in with the whinging. For other examples of bitching about this crap, consult your local News Ltd newspaper.

Hanson Runs For Senate
Pauline Hanson announced that she plans to run as an indie in the Senate tomorrow. Wonder if Tony "Righteous Man" Abbott will secretly fund an organisation to drown her in litigation again?

The $35K Lady
From talkback radio, remember? Her name is Melinda Poor. Whether or not that's an alias, I just don't know. And guess what! She's a Liberal party member. And she believes her political ties are irrelevant and shouldn't have to state them. I wonder if Scott Morrison feels the same way when he sends out anti-Greens bullshit?

Liberal Party Stick Fingers In Their Ears - Re: Hicks
An independent report has found that the military court hearing process for David Hicks is flawed, and he doesn't have a hope in hell of getting a fair trial. Philip Ruddock's reply was essentially "...shut up." Hack on Triple J (the best current affairs program you're ever going to find on radio - the website also has each day's program for the past week online in streaming audio) played some of what his reply was. I can't remember the exact bits but it went along the lines of him admitting that they'd given up a heap of rights so that evidence could remain confidential, and that seemed fair enough. Err, okay. Hack also stated that something like 5 out of the 6 people on the tribunal had no legal qualifications whatsoever.

Howard reckons it's impossible to get Hicks and company home. Because I'm sure he's tried.

In Other News, Sky Found To Be Blue
A Roy Morgan poll has found that 86% of people surveyed believe newspaper journalists are biased. That is dead-set fucking shocking that we happily accept media bias (having said that, I have to admit that I love to watch Fox News, but only for the entertainment value). There should be an indication of bias on all newspapers and stuff. Like a little graphic of a scale that is tipped to the right or left a certain amount, decided by an independent team of moderators or something. That way newspapers could still be as biased as all hell, but wouldn't be able to pretend not to be, so you could factor in bias when reading stories before you wanted to take it for gospel. It's interesting to see that Fairfax Digital are listed in "biased internet sites," but there's no mention of News Ltd.

The Labor party guy came around to our house today and nailed a big sign for Mark Ptolemy into the front yard (result of me driving to Katoomba last week). Wonder how many days it'll stay up for before it gets vandalised.

And lastly, Triple J have an excellent election information site up, for us awesome youth, with info on how to vote, how vote counting works, how to run for parliament, some stories from Hack, and kickarse MP3s from Today Today (I particularly like the Chronicles Of Ruddock).

Mark Latham confuses a football with John Howard's head.