Completely Biased

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Chaser Decides

Last night's Chaser Decides was great. The Costello Bus, Jay from Frenzal Rhomb running as a Liberal candidate, the shot of Craig Nicholls running for the Liberals, Tony Abbott falling asleep in the Liberal's campaign launch... And the spam. Oh that was great, dumping 20kg of it in the Liberal's campaign office in Bennelong.
CRAIG: Well, to another key seat now this election… the Prime Minister’s own electorate of Bennelong. Can we just have a look that?

JULIAN: Sure, Bennelong’s on Sydney’s north shore…

JULIAN: Oh, bloody hell! Whenever I do anything about Bennelong, I get bombarded with spam from Tim Howard!

CHRIS: I can’t believe Howard’s paying his own son to spam his electorate.

ANDREW: I’ve got more mail from them lately than from the Bank of Nigeria!

CRAIG: Well, given how fond of spam Howard’s campaign team seems to be… we thought it might be nice to pay them a visit, and give them some spam in return.

CHRIS: And if you’d like to register your support for Tim Howard’s spam campaign, then why not email to him – every two minutes at his work address,

JULIAN: Or why not sign him up to spam for the next ten years? I know I have.

ANDREW: Gee, it’s lucky for him that no one knows his private email address is