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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Musical Chairs

I'm sitting here listening to JBT (and I'm also sitting home on a Friday night writing about politics of all things), when whoever this anonymous guy is mentioned that Andrew Bolt said JBT are TOTALLY EVIL. I actually laughed. Then I remembered last year at Splendour where John Butler sacrificed a virgin to voodoo gods by punching through her ribcage and pulling her heart out, then eating it (his dreads are really snakes too). Then the band threw faeces at the crowd and spoke backwards for half an hour. No, really.
John Butler is an ARIA-winning musician who says he's full of love and peace, but many of his songs have a powerful back-beat of hatred.

Funkster John Butler was this week crowned Australia's best male artist, although the smell of his sermons makes me wonder if he's just the kind of artist that helps turn the grass green.

Still, you can always learn from our faddish preachers, and from Butler I've learned that hypocrisy and hate now pass for idealism and peace among our surly young.

Personally, I think Bolt tries to find the most whacked out possible thing to argue against, then challenges himself to back it up (or maybe he just really is that desperate to stick up for people who call Howard names). I would not be surprised to see an editorial where he proclaims the world to be flat.

Anyway, time to get to the political bit.

New People
Howard and Latham both did their cabinet reshuffles today. The Libs have two new faces, and Labor has seven.

Okay, time to meet the new freaks and geeks. The following contains lots of ugly people. It helps if you squint a bit.

People you can grow to despise in the next three years:
Brand New Right Wing Death Beasts
de-anne kelly
peter dutton
De-Anne Kelly
Peter Dutton

The new ones in the shadow ministry:
All-New Defenders Of The Universe
bob sercombe
joe ludwig
joe ludwig
Chris Farley
Bob Sercombe
Joe Ludwig
Penny Wong
joe ludwig
joe ludwig
joe ludwig
Tanya Plibersek
Arch Bevis
Tony Barber Burke
joe ludwig
Jan McLucas

I think it's pretty sad that there's a big fuss made over women in parliament. If sexism was dead then having women in parliament wouldn't be a newsworthy thing (both leaders made a big deal over it). Or am I talking out of my arse?

Latham got re-elected as leader. Goddamn Jenny Macklin is still Deputy Leader - bah. If Labor lose in 2007 I blame her.

Chris Evans is the new Senate leader, replacing John Faulkner.

Positions for everyone will be announced on Monday. Here's hoping the awesome Gillard gets treasury (no mention of Rudd in that article... hrm). Crean is staying on the front bench. Please, please hide him from public view.

The House Of Representatives is more or less finalised, with the Coalition taking 87 seats, and Labor taking 60. I can see why Gough Whitlam is so pessimistic.

The Senate
Now, onto Senate control. There's a slim chance it might not happen. Family First look like they're losing that Senate seat to the Nationals, then another report said the Nationals looked to possibly be losing the seat to One Nation (whose preferences go over to the Greens, giving them the final seat). If this happens, then it looks like the Liberals will be one seat short of a majority. So there's still (a tiny bit of) hope that we might have a sane government yet (although I doubt it, even if they don't get the majority)!

...And in a major case of the Andos, the Greens are looking at a legal challenge if the QLD Senate result doesn't go their way. Hmm.

Latho said he'd take full responsibility for the election loss and answered a few questions today at a press conference (I was sad enough to watch the entire thing on the Latham channel on Sky News Active). He was very relaxed, making jokes and everything. Howard channel featured Howard being a twat. But as if I'd say anything else.

Howard's been busy making all sorts of new ministers. As Clare said, maybe there'll be a Minister For Making Shit Up soon.

Interest Rates
Economy To Steer Through Price Perils:
Provided oil prices do not spiral further, the bank believes they will not spill into a general increase in inflation in Australia. As a result, they should not force the bank to raise interest rates. The bank's analysis of the economic consequences of high oil prices, published in its monthly bulletin yesterday, is more relaxed than a report published this week by one of its directors, Warwick McKibbin.

The Rest
Michael Kirby, High Court judge, said union baggers should shut the hell up. Woo!

The ALP owns the ACT, winning the state elections last week with a big majority.

And Downer has been making a goose of himself once again, but that's not really news is it?

This post feels lacking in quality. Sorry.