Completely Biased

Sunday, November 07, 2004

I feel like I need to get this out of the way before I can crap on about anything else.

The left half of the blogosphere has been living in harmony with the right half of the blogsophere for yonks. I mean, there's the occasional fight or trolling comment, but in general there's some respect for each side. I can't say I like any of them, but yes, there is respect there.

So what has happened now? Tim Blair, Mike Jericho, The Currency Lad, Evil Pundit and others have been around forever and there hasn't been a gigantic inter-blog war going on there, so what's the difference now?

I think it's that the aforementioned four bloggers would at least attempt a rational debate about something, whereas Mrs Ed and Co would stick their fingers in their ears, scream la la la, then go nuts yelling about some half-thought out opinion.

And why the writers of a certain blog (that isn't worth linking to) are just total flame-bait to the entire left half - they fit basically every stereotype the left has about the right.
  • Completely devoid of imagination and empathy? Check.
  • Unable to see anything from a different point of view? Check.
  • Can't work thoughts out to every possible outcome? Check.
  • Never worked a day in their life? Check.
  • Lives off mummy and daddy? Check.
  • Private schoolgirl cliché? Check.
  • Total hypocrite? Check.
  • Conflicting ideals? Check.
  • Double standards? Check.
  • Outlandishly expensive hobbies? Check.
  • Willingness to kick below the belt? Check.
  • Not above cheating? Check.
  • Inability to logically argue a point? Check.
  • Completely sheltered world view? Check.
  • Unwilling to get hands dirty/fight own fights? Check.

They're just so easy (and apparently in more ways than one). Unfortunately it's morons like this that sell newspapers, so I'm guessing their Internet prescence will get bigger and bigger, if only from the amount of lefties visiting their blog to laugh at it.

Weezil, Jess and David Tiley have more in-depth roundups on this whole thing.

Good! That's over with. Now I can leave you all with the US Air Force's calls for funding to research psychic teleportation, instead of you know, spending money on education, healthcare, whatever.