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Friday, November 05, 2004

Ignorance Reigns Supreme


I know if somebody was constantly out to ruin my life, I'd get rid of them the first chance I had. But I'm not everyone. Maybe they get off on it. Who knows?

So Bush has gotten in once again, this time thanks to terrorists hiding under the bed. The biggest danger to your freedom, America, isn't from terrorists, but from the moron you've re-elected. Fucking idiots.

But I'm generalising! Almost half didn't vote for him, pretty much in the states without a reputation for inbreeding.

Oh well. I doubt continuing on this course will be sustainable for much longer - go too far either way on the political spectrum and society will start to collapse.

What does America have to look forward to (stuff in square brackets inserted by me)?
He pledged to keep up the fight against terrorism [by continuing to wage war on other countries], press for stable democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan [which, less face it, will take a hell of a lot longer than four years], simplify the tax code [uh huh], allow younger workers to invest some of their Social Security withholdings in the stock market [because gambling your superannuation is a brilliant idea (this one is my favourite out of all of these)], raise accountability standards in public schools [only accountability standards, not actual standards in general] and "uphold our deepest values and family and faith [ie. go nuts with religion]."

Other items include reforms to the nation's intelligence community [reductions in privacy laws?], halving the record $US413 billion ($A547 billion) deficit [because he's done a good job so far], expanding health care coverage [without mention on affordability], a constitutional ban on gay marriage [you know, because everyone is an equal in America] and moving "this goodhearted [and empty-headed] nation toward a culture of life [by lowering the quality of it]."

Howard gave Bush a ring and made with the phone sex.
"This is a wonderful personal victory for a person who I like and who I believe has given strong and resolute leadership to his country and through the position he occupies to the anti-terrorist cause and the cause of freedom around the world."
- Everyone's favourite ball of hate with eyebrows

Yes, great. More people have died in Bush's reponses to terrorist acts than the actual terrorist acts themselves. So of course the world is safer! So safe that it looks like terrorism is becoming a growth industry (similar story here) in Australia!

Gimme The Cash!
The US government has hit their debt ceiling of $7.384 trillion dollars. So they're planning to do what any responsible government would do - borrow more, and increase their debt ceiling to $8.074 trillion. That's $8,074,000,000,000.

The Herald Sun says the Liberals are worried about effects of the US economy starting to flow down to here, but doesn't really quote anyone directly saying that.

Who Is Tony Abbott?
First, I'd like to give an extremely brief biography on Tony Abbott, so you can understand how he became the cockrag he is today. Then I'll rant about abortions.

Abbott's grandfather (Henry) promised God that if his boat didn't get torpedoed (it was 1939) whist travelling between Newcastle and Whyalla, he'd become a Catholic. So this is where the crazy religiousness in Tony Abbott first originated (incidentally, I was raised Catholic too, but gave it up).

Tony Abbott was born in London on the 4th of November, 1957 (which is incidentally his birthday right now, making him 46), to two Australian parents. They eventually moved back to Australia in 1960, first staying in Bronte with his mum's parents, then moving to Chatswood.

Abbott's dad constanty told Tony how clever and talented he was, and sometimes often superior to others around him. He originally went to Highfield Kindergarten, then to the Holy Family Convent. In Year 3, he ended up at the St Aloysius College, and once copped a whipping from a priest for holding another boy's hand.

When he was 13, Abbott got into the St Ignatius College, which is one of the most expensive in the state. During this time, many of the students at the school perceived him as arrogant smartarse.

In 1971 the Abbotts moved to a two-storey house in Killara. In 1973 Tony met Father Emmet Costello (he worked at the school), who got him heavily interested in politics.

In 1976, Abbott started Economics at Sydney Uni. Whilst in his first year at Uni, he lived in St John's, which was an on-campus Catholic college. At the end of the year, he got on the SRC.

In 1977, he and a friend went to Monash Uni for the annual Australian Union of Students conference, and basically got into a huge fight there (and from what I've read, I seriously don't blame him).

And also in his second year of Uni, Abbott knocked up a chick whom he'd known since primary school, but his family had never heard of. Condoms? Sin!

So what's the best thing to do, seeing as though they'd since split up and neither wanted the baby? Abort the foetus? Or let it grow, get born, then throw it out to get adopted, in the hope that someone else would clean up their mistake?

So now somebody out there, around about 26, is roaming around, unknowingly containing the DNA of a twat. Poor them.

Jeez this is going on isn't it? Okay, Abbott scored a scholarship to Oxford Uni, arsed about in India, started boxing whilst at Uni, arsed about in Africa (amazing how he can afford all this without ever having a job, isn't it?), then came home and decided to become a priest.

So off he went to St Patrick's, training to be a priest whilst doing some dick-dipping on the side (interesting that someone so morally righteous gets to make with so much shagging, isn't it?). He quit in 1987, after a few years of it.

FOR FUCKS SAKE TONY, YOU'RE 29 NOW AND HAVEN'T HAD A PROPER JOB (insert me bitching about Abbott criticising Latham (who, after his dad died, worked to support his family at the age of 21) about "only holding one proper job" prior to becoming a politician).

Following that, Abbott met Howard, wound up in the Liberal party, and is now the Minister for Health. Should someone as overtly religious as him be in control of such a portfolio? I for one, think hell no. Why not put him in a field where religion plays no part? Environment or Transport or something?

Baby Killing
And abortion is the main reason I think Abbott should be kept the fuck away from Health.

A few days ago, the Catholic Church demanded an inquiry into abortions in Australia, citing it was at epidemic levels (a quarter, which does seem quite high).

Christopher Pyne, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, as well as Abbott, have been crapping on about it this past week. Pyne saying they should never be done after 21 weeks, Abbott alternating between ranting and total silence (can't say I'm comfortable with Abbott going completely silent when asked what his department is looking at doing - gives me feelings that they're drawing up potentially unpopular legislation). And then Latham stepped in and told them to shut the fuck up.
"You've got to respect the right of women to make a choice and you've got to respect the fact that they get expert medical advice from their doctors. It's not for politicians to get in the middle of doctors' consultation rooms in circumstances where people have got to make a judgement about their own future. I would much rather respect women and doctors and medical advice then go on the advice of a politician like Christopher Pyne."
- Latho

However, for all this talk, nothing looks to be changed in the near future. But I don't doubt something'll happen along the line. Family First are getting in on the action too.

I read somewhere that there was a grand total of nine late-term abortions in NSW last year. I can't remember where though. So obviously it's a gigantic problem.

Despite letters being passed around the Liberal party to shut the hell up, Abbott is continuing talking about it.

Note that neither Tony Abbott or Christopher Pyne have vaginas.
"A woman's body is her own fucking business."
- Jay, Dogma

And in unrelated news, doctor's are planning to charge more. Abbott's shocked and appalled. Wow, arsehat, I remember everyone saying they'd do this regardless of your Medicare-rebate-for-GPs bullshit back during the election.

Bye Barto
Reluctant Allison Ready To Lead Dems:
A reluctant Lyn Allison says the Australian Democrats must return to their core values if the party is to survive the next three years.

Senator Allison, who is set to take over from Andrew Bartlett as the party's leader, denied the Democrats were in political dire straits but conceded it faced a major battle to remain relevant.

And she has opened the door to closer ties between the party and the Australian Greens.

I liked Bartlett, if only from reading his blog. Ahh well. He had this to say about Bush...
To keep things in perspective about the relevant importance of things, the voters of the USA also decided on their President around the same time. This is way more important and WAY more depressing an outcome. I wouldn't want to overstate the positives of John Kerry, but George Bush has clearly shown himself to be dangerous and divisive. This is not a good thing at the best of times, but when you're in charge of a nation that is by far the most militarily powerful in history, surround yourself with key advisors and Ministers who have ideologies and records that favour increased Govt power and military expansion and reduced human rights AND your own record already shows a clear willingness to deceive on major issues and appalling diplomatic and military judgement, then it's hard to see this result as anything other than a disaster.

A sad and distressing day.