Completely Biased

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Things I Would Do If By Some Accident I Became PM Of Australia And Had A Senate Majority

  • Get rid of HECS.
  • Tear up the FTA (in a public display).
  • Fix the disaster that is CityRail.
  • Give public service workers that deserve it a fat pay rise.
  • Ban the sale of nicotine (fine, keep smoking, but not because you're addicted).
  • Ban corporate donations to political parties.
  • Remove restrictions on free-to-air digital TV content.
  • Get the fucking republic already.
  • Reduce the voting age to 16.
  • Change water pricing so that the price per kL jumped up the more you used (after determining an average usage).
  • Fix private school funding once and for all.
  • All media outlets have to carry announcements stating their leanings (which are independently determined, and wil reside on the front page, or start of every news program).
  • Actually get Internet access in Australia up to the same standards as the rest of the world (re: pricing/speed).
  • Give Telstra a massive kick up the bum.
  • More funding for Australian movies, and base grants on how decent the idea sounds, not at random.
  • Get a good compromise between unions and employers - too much of either is a bad thing.
  • Try and introduce an independent national newspaper (ie. ABC in print).
  • Give the ABC an arseload more funding, so decent shows like Wildside can reappear.
  • Introduce a reality/half-arsed TV tax, so those shows cost more to make than regular drama.
  • Improve the standard of kids shows on TV. What happened to shows like The Girl From Tomorrow or Spellbinder? All there is now is rehashed stuff like series 67 of Round The Twist, or some shitty show based on whatever fad is at the time. HI, DECENT STORIES AND WILLINGNESS TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT, WHERE ARE YOU?
  • Reconciliation and looking at fixing problems the Aboriginal community faces, instead of just throwing money at them and hoping they'll go away.
  • Male or female - identical pay and conditions. Except maternity leave. Obviously.
  • Keep religion and politics far, far away from each other via legislation or whatever.
  • Ban poker machines, replace them all with Keno or a TAB outlet.
  • Build stages around rural areas and fund all-ages concerts for Australian music (annoys me because we have no local outlet now, thanks to the pub changing management).
  • Fix the unfair border problems with East Timor so they can get the hell out of poverty.
  • Let the current crop of refugees out (they've had more than their fair share of being fucked over), then review the laws.
  • Quit with all the tax cuts and actually use the money to pay for services.
  • Have a John Howard day, kind of like a Guy Fawkes day thing, where we can burn effigies of him and dance around happily.
  • Have a licensing scheme for Internet use, like the RTA has for cars and WaterWays has for boats (ie. you have to pass at least a basic IQ test and an exam on viruses/spyware/common problems etc). Just think of the reduction in spyware, virus outbreaks and everything if everybody in Australia actually had to know what they were doing before they got online.
  • Find something to get Kyle and Jackie O arrested for. Maybe Bob Carr too.
  • Go with Latham's idea of a fourth commercial TV channel with 100% Australian content.
  • Make all editorial pieces that newspapers publish online have a comments section.
  • Never, ever kiss the arse of a foreign leader.
  • Get out of Iraq, spend the money saved on aid, education, etc.
  • Legislation for gay marriage.

That's for starters. Vote 1 Completely Biased 2007.