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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Australia: Property of John Howard

Blogger is crap. This is the second time I've written this post now.

barnaby joyce, looking... disturbingWho is Barnaby Joyce?

He is the guy that won the last Senate seat.

It was unclear (although highly likely) whether or not the Liberals were going to get control of the Senate. Now we know for sure. At 11AM today, the AEC flipped the switch on the doomsday vote-counting machine and it started sorting preferences for the final Senate seat. Greens vs Nationals.

And Barnaby Joyce won.

From the National party.

Awesome. Now it has been made official that we're the most backwards nation on earth. *plays national anthem proudly, marries sister*

Around the grounds:

Nomes sent an email this morning regarding London exit polls. A small bit of good news:
Hello bloggers!

Remember the positive London exit polls? Proof positive arrives. This is via
Scott, my London UK Campaign Director friend! He has a friend of a friend
who was scrutineering for Steve Georgiannas (sp?) in Hindmarsh ...

"it was a roller coaster! our lead kept getting smaller, then it would grow
a little. on the last day we were only 45 votes in front, with 349 to count.
half of these were London pre polls. we were very concerned about these as
previously the London postal votes had slaughtered us but we won them
convincingly and ended up winning by 113!! the Iraq war was what saved us

A small consolation in dark days of lost Senate majorities.

regards, Naomi

I'll write more when I get home.