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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Reasons To Be Embarrassed/Scared, Part 6507

It's Time To Go...
Hi dickheads that gave the Libs a Senate majority! Glad to see your corpses aren't festering in a ditch somewhere! So, what fun things can we expect with new anti-terrorism laws?
  • Powers to strip-search and detain kids as young as 12.
  • In court, investigators don't have to reveal how they've gotten evidence ("uhh, I kidnapped and tortured his wife for information, but don't tell anyone")
  • No more having to get those pesky search warrants! Tap phones? Read people's email? SMS's? Go for it!

Sounds much like Bush's Patriot Act. Hurrah!

Russia's lower house of parilament signed off on Kyoto, so it's all good to go for them. Australia and America (Clinton helped negotiate the protocol, Bush fucked it off - wonder what Kerry's stance is?) are still the only two developed nations on the entire planet that haven't signed on to Kyoto. And both countries are run by utter twats! Who would've guessed!
"Because we're so isolated now, Australia is seen as a laggard in the set. It's not looked too good for leadership on greenhouse gas approaches and solutions, and more generally it leaves us outside the fold of the international community."
- Danny Kennedy, Greenpeace Campaign Manager

Remember - even a one percent emission reduction is still better than zero percent. So suck my balls, Ian Campbell.

Is a characteristic of the Right an inability to see into the long-term future?

PETA is getting US companies to boycott Australian wool, due to our policies of jamming live sheep into a boat and sending them overseas. Howard's hoping the boycotts won't spread.

The Rest
America wants more troops sent over to Iraq. Howard is trying to figure out how to say no (Howard saying no to Bush?!) without "causing embarrassment to Australia." The UN also wants more troops sent over to protect health workers, but the links for that have died.

Liberal MPs and pyramid schemes? Hmm.

Tanya Plibersek (one of the new frontbenchers for Labor) is having a kid.