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Thursday, October 07, 2004

London Exit Polls

Nomes sent me an email today, with an attached document showing the exit polls of Australian voters currently residing in London.

So how do Australians vote when they're not stuck in the middle of a scare-campaign?

Looks nice, doesn't it? Posted by Hello

This is from primary votes. You're looking at 52.22% Labor, 25.7% Liberal, 19.44% Greens and 2.64% for everyone else (hi Dems).

If you want to factor in preferences, Labor ends up with 63.92% worst case scenario, and 71.66% best case scenario. Tasty.

Almost twice as many voters turned up in London than they did in 2001. Only about a quarter of them were exit polled though, so there is room for error. Still looks good though!