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Monday, October 04, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 35 | Roundup

Bah to the NRL. Best thing was Grinspoon.


I'm doing the HTV's at Mt Riv on Saturday; should be... well, boring as hell, but at least I feel like I'm doing something.

Polls? Bah. There's a nice story at News Ltd titled Polls Have Both Sides Winning.

I'm taking off down the coast for a few days as of tomorrow morning (no TV/phone/computer/Internet). Will be back on Wednesday, so nothing'll happen here until then. Email or comment with anything newsworthy and I'll stick it up when I get back.

Lying rodent. What a nickname. It's unfortunate that we've only started saying it in the past month, when we could have been using it for nearly a decade now.

Boom Shake The Room
The war in Iraq has now cost more than Vietnam did. Two hundred and seven billion dollars. $209,000,000,000. Think about it! If I had that much money at my disposal, I sure as could think of better things to spend it on other than flattening a country.

Bob reckons we should spend $7.25b on overseas aid, in an effort to reduce poverty and inequality. Funny thing is, he's probably right, although this'll no doubt get written off and we'll spend $7.25b on stupid amounts of weaponry instead.

End The Lies
Being the lazy bum I am, I didn't attend. Apparently there was an alright turnout of 6,000 in Sydney, and a big Not Happy John banner written in the sky. Lovely. Crap. The ABC site seems to have gone down, or my end is buggered, so I can't link to some stuff regarding this. Dammit.

The Australian Health Insurance Association reckons they've found a hole in Labor's Medicare Gold plan. Jules said they forgot to offset other savings regarding hospital beds being freed up.

Latham wants Costello to resign if Treasury finds no mistakes in Labor's tax policy, given that Costello has "staked his economic credibility on it."

Religion Once More
"I would rather give my preferences to a party like that than I would to the Greens who are in favour of abolishing the private health insurance rebate, are in favour of massive tax increases, have a very permissive attitude towards drug use, are inherently hostile towards the American alliance."
- Howard, advocating insane religion over lateral thinking.

Now for some more FF bashing. They want to allow home buyers to drain their superannuation to buy a house. Great plan, although I don't think that's what the whole point of superannuation is. My favourite quote from this article:
Mr Harris said his vision was to extend God's kingdom by generating billions of dollars.


And more! Who Else Could Make Howard Look Like A Leftie? To balance out the insanity with something normal, here's the head of the Anglican Church acting rational.

Finally, the rest of the major stuff:

See you all on Wednesday.