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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 34 | Roundup


Coalition $1.45, Labor $2.55. This is the closest I've seen Centrebet go so far.

"We've taken on the big positive improvements for the country and the Liberals are running the most negative fear campaign in the history of Australian politics."

Bloody buggering hell. Now polling is saying Labor will win. It's Liberal, Labor, Liberal, Labor, Liberal, Labor, never consistent. Do they really go out polling, or just flip a coin each night?

Costings Bullshit
For all their whining about treasury costings, it seems that the Liberals have sent less policies in than Labor has - 54 for the Libs, 71 for the ALP.

Alan Ramsey has a feel-good article about the Howard government getting bent over the table when it comes to interviews with the ABC. Howard has been denying Abbott ever shaped opinions when it came to Labor's education policy and Pell being against it, even though he met with him shortly before the statement against it was released.

The PM is still refusing to go with Kyoto. Fucking hell. What was the last decision that he made that the majority of the public actually wanted? Other than the US, we are the only industrialised country in the world not to have signed on. That's a fucking joke.

More Open Letter Fun
Time time around, it's 40 of Australia's artists/actors/writers/directors that have written an open letter demanding truth in government. Keep them coming! He can't reject them forever.

The Rest
Other news, Latham will move into The Lodge if he wins, and give Kirribilli House to charities (unlike Howard), he hasn't ruled out tax increases, Howard wants more tests and standard reporting for schoolkids (which is going to totally piss the shit out of the teachers and unions - comparison standards instead of academic standards), and Howard wants everyone to vote either Labor or Liberal, no other parties.

The Road To Surfdom has a potentially scandalous post regarding Iraq, lying, and our involvement, and Back Pages bags Howard's oldie payments.

This is the best article I've read today - an interview with both Latham and Howard. And this one is the second best.