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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 33 | Roundup

7 DAYS TO GO. Just think, in just over a week we'll either have a new PM or will be performing ritual suicide/moving to New Zealand.

Looks like Howard's new annoying thing he says is "submit to Treasury for costing." I find this unfair. If Labor has to do that, the Liberals should have to submit all their crap to Simon Crean as well, because I dead-set don't trust Treasury to give an unbiased result.

Poll Vault has calculated that Labor and the Coalition have been spending $6945 a second in election promises. Ouch!

Latham caught onto Abbott's dodgy dealings today.
"Our Health Minister is not honest."
- Latho

Well, yeah.

The Medicare Gold plan was put to Abbott a while ago, and he basically didn't do anything about it.

Labor announced another $300m plan for additional nursing home beds, to go with the whole Medicare Gold thing. Howard has been predictably negative about everything. The Australian reckons olds'll still vote Howard though.

Howard threw in a $200 a year bri... payment to self-funded retirees. Robert Corr points out that they'd be better off under Labor's tax package anyway.

People don't seem to care that morals campaigner Ross Cameron was out and about sticking his dick into other women while his wife was pregnant. Honesty in government. If you can happily lie to your wife, you sure as hell wouldn't go lying to the rest of the public about anything, would you?

Latham is still reportedly all for getting (some) troops out of Iraq by Christmas. From the same article, there's this great quote:
"I don't automatically follow what Mr Blair or indeed anybody else says."
- Johnno

You heard the man! He doesn't take crap from anyone! This totally includes Bush!

And Kyoto is starting to appear in the campaign at last!