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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Jules Factor

Jules. So cool that she wears a suit even when at the beach. Posted by Hello

What'll happen with treasury? All is apparently revealed on Tuesday. The ABC reckons Gillard is the favourite to get it, however The Age says she's bowed out of the running for it (although she specifically doesn't say that herself). The Daily Telegraph is reporting that while she is still favourite for the position, a whispering campaign is going on inside the party to damage her chances (their editorial says Labor should quit its damn fighting). The SMH also has the same thing. The Sunday Telegraph is running a story that sounds like it has been lifted from New Idea, with the amount of "anonymous sources" it quotes.

I want to see her as treasurer because:
  • She's a leftie.
  • Second coolest person in the party should have the second highest job (how totally awesome is my flow of logic?).
  • She actually has fucking charisma (which always helps in a job the media follows heavily - hi Crean!).
  • She's been doing a good job with Health (and don't forget Costello staking his "economic credibility" on something that turned out to be completely wrong!).
  • Odds are Abbott is moving to Treasury* when Howard gets hit by a bus, and she's proven time and time again she can take him on.
* Much thanks to Clare for pointing out a stupid typo where I accidentally wrote "Health" instead of "Treasury."