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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Election 2004 | Day 23 | Roundup

Centrebet have the Coalition on $1.33 and Labor on $3.00 once again.

If you absolutely hate yourself and enjoy playing really bad Flash games, The Bulletin have one up called Election Invaders.

The ALP have all their TV ads online in MPEG format. My favourite at the moment is the education one.

Half the Liberal party site doesn't work in Firefox/Mozilla properly (ie. the links up the top). It shits me. I thought all government websites had to follow standards or something?

Time Magazine has a good article that delves into interest rates and the economy, and is worth a read.

Howard The Gymnast
Howard has been backflipping and imploding and everything over this whole pre-emptive strike. Today he's telling south-east Asia that no, what he meant about pre-emptive strikes is that he wouldn't be doing them without taking Labors route first.
"I wasn't saying that we were going to launch an attack against another country."
- Howard

Really? Because yesterday I got the impression you were fully prepared to attack another country if something happened.

Best line from this ABC article?
Mr Howard insists he would not attack another country without its cooperation.

"Yeah, hang on a sec, I think we have some nukes out the back here that you can bomb us with, it's all good."

Labor's foreign affairs man, The Ruddmeister, had this to say:
"Now, what we have revealed is that Foreign Minister Downer at the same time is privately, in diplomatic conversations in Canberra, telling the diplomatic corps, including Indonesian and other South-East Asia representatives that don't worry, the Howard government is not serious about this. What the prime minister has done in the election context is come out sounding very hairy-chested, I presume in his belief that this is electorally appealing to the Australian community but at the same time is doing continuing foreign policy and national security policy damage in terms of our relationship in the region."

Downer and Howard don't appear to be on the same wavelength with regards to this whole thing. Could this be the issue that costs them the election? Probably not, but it is a monumental fuckup.

The Australian has a stupid editorial, titled Lessons In Division Don't Add Up. It attempts to break down Labor's private schools education policy into insiders vs outsiders, then says its stupid and full of contraditions, and you just can't do that kind of thing with policies.

Us = Insiders.
Refugees = Outsiders.

Worked pretty well for Howard there.

Teacher's unions are urging parents to vote for non-Liberal parties, as basically every single one of them has a better policy than Howard.

Anderson Again
He's now claiming Labor is "salivating" at the thought of governing with the Greens. Yes, of course, you moron. I'm sure they start slobbering uncontrollably at the thought.

Indie MP Tony Windsor says he'll name who tried to bribe him into not running for re-election, but only if he's asked to do so in front of an inquiry. Centrebet should have a thing going on which party it was.

TV Stuff
Labor wants to bring the World Cup back to free-to-air TV, as Foxtel bought all the rights to it when the Liberals changed the laws earlier this year to allow them to do that. They also want to change the anti-siphoning laws so that FTA sports that networks decided not to screen (say hi to Channel 7 and rugby) could be shown on pay TV. Plus $105m for the ABC (including funding for a digital kids/youth multichannel! Imagine a Triple J-esque version of Channel V! The return of Behind The News! Introduced legislation to remove any bias from the ABC!), getting Telstra to get rid of its stake in Foxtel, and the fourth FTA TV network is on the cards still! Woo! Most of the details on the ABC/film policy are on the ALP site. I'm just getting giddy thinking about all the multichanneling possibilities.

I want to sleep now. Read about the chaos that is the electorate of Wentworth (more here), then wonder how come this feels like the most badly written post I've made on Blogger.