Completely Biased

Monday, November 15, 2004

Half-Arsed Update

I'm still here, just been busy for the past few days. Finally got a fulltime job. Still getting used to it, re: going to bed before midnight, etc.

When you join the ALP, are you meant to get a letter or something saying "yes, you are now in the ALP"? I signed up after the election, they've hit up my Visa card (about three weeks ago), and I got a letter the other day inviting me out for a meet & greet, but haven't gotten anything saying "you're in," or when meetings are or anything.

WebDiary is being updated again at last. There's a tonne of new stuff there now.

You know when you have an idea for something to write, then get home and find out someone beat you to it? Sucks, hey.

How come Piers Akerman's bilefest has disappeared from the Daily Telegraph's site? He on holidays or what?

Now for briefness.

Baby Killing
Cabinet are going to discuss abortion. Ugh. Get the fuck over it already.
"It appears that there is a group within the Liberal Party that is prepared to go beyond the conventional bounds of this kind of debate, beyond conscience votes and putting a personal view and seeking to impose their views on the coalition as its official policy."
- Caucus spokeswoman quoting Latho

Rock on. The ALP is saying keep religion and politics the fuck away from each other.

Now I must sleep and stuff.