Completely Biased

Monday, November 08, 2004

Things That Annoy Me

I really fucking hate comment spam. And for some reason I keep getting it from the site admin of Mayor Latham (see here, here and here. I don't know why the fuck my blog continuously shows up as being related to yours (because this referrer appeared the same time as your comment, so obviously you were looking for places to advertise), but anyway, I'll devote an entire post to this just to get your hits up so you can be happy and never come here again. Next time, please actually post something instead of just pasting a prewritten bit of bile into a comment box without even reading the site.

Square brackets are mine.
Having been a Labourer for the past seventeen years [in 17 years you haven't realised how they spell the party name?] I finally [you took your time] realised what a pathetic load of Left nonsense this web site has become [it's always been a "pathetic load of Left nonsense" since it started, it never "became" it]. After finally realising that the Unions were a load of crap [how so?] and finally realising that Unions NSW will still fork out massive ammounts of money to a certain political Party alligned and directly linked with the unions [well what the hell did you expect?], despite having a ridiculous name change. I have come to an understanding [must've stretched the brain] that the webmaster of this web site has been using god knows what [I'm straightedge and always have been] and following a stupid crowd of people [yes, I blindly follow everything they do] who are in essence cult [unlike Hillsong (*cough Costello cough*) or Assemblies Of God] followers of tree huggin idiots [but you stayed an ALP member for 17 years?] , I decided to make a difference, and difference I did make [must be a massive difference if you have to resort to comment spam]! I created that is [that was if you didn't catch it the first time], and why did I do this [because you're an idiot?]? mainly because I was sick and tired of arrogant [arrogant? A word usually used in conjunction with "Liberal"] slants towards the coalition [you do know what "completely biased" means, right?] and mainly due to the fact, that under paul keating I suffered big time [so why not make an anti-Keating site?], and in the present day I continue to sugger [I was going to do the spelling and grammar rant but it isn't worth it] under a bastardous government known as the NSW Government [run by... Bob Carr! Explains why you'd bag out someone that isn't him then!] in what looks to be the worst state government I have ever seen [if you actually read this site you'd note I continually bag out Carr as much as anyone], so I continued on with my campaign [against... Bob Carr? Oh wait...]! NO STUFF IT [there's a massive logical gap here]! Im going to seek out revenge against a man who worked with Bob Carr [and if you'd researched you'd know Latham can't fucking stand him] and punish at the federal level [because it was a federal matter, after all] for Mark Latham and the Carr Government's inactions in the Orange Grove saga [yes, you stick it to them, whilst Howard sneaks up behind you with an giant iron dildo]. Which in my case claimed the life of my wife who committed suicide after losing her JOB [if this is even true (I can't find any mention of it), there must've been something seriously psychologically wrong with her to kill herself over losing her job. Why didn't you notice? I'm sure she's happy knowing you're using her memory to pimp a website too]! So fucking wake up you loonies! I have had enough of this web site [so that explains your recurring visits then], and as you tried to ruin my web site [the one that you'd illegally registered as you were too chicken to put your name to (plus it wasn't even me that got it deregistered - although I fully support them)?], Ill do everything I can to get yours taken down [I'm sure the Blogger admins will be very responsive]!

That looks messy, doesn't it? Oh well.

So there you go! You've got an entire post devoted to your bullshit. Lucky you. Now go away before Downer approves a pre-emptive nuclear strike from JI.