Completely Biased

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Ando Files

Hack Watch has suggested doing a John Anderson special. It isn't a bad idea. Could have a whole post devoted to Andoisms. Maybe a new term could be introduced into the English language! "Getting Andoed" - where someone makes wild and stupid unprovoked statements, damaging their own reputation and pissing off a whole group of people.

"You know what?! I cheated on this exam, and I think you're a shitty teacher!"
"Oooh, he's just Andoed himself/done an Ando."

Anyway, latest on the Ando trail is that he's said he'll step down as leader of the Nationals if they lose seats. Why?! He could have merrily gone on his way acting like a tool and nobody would have said anything, but now he's gone and created a condition for himself that'll most likely see him looking for another job after October 9. Stupid, stupid man.