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Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Ando Zone: Episode 8

the ando zone

You know, it was just the other week I felt disappointed that I didn't get to use this graphic enough, as Ando didn't appear in the news nearly as much as I'd like him to. But now I'm having an Ando overload! Everywhere I look, I can't not see the Great One making a goose of himself! Maybe Sky News Active could devote a screen to Ando, like what they did with Howard and Latham during the election.

I would like to go on the record as saying I believe Windsor. Whilst tracking Ando the last few months it has become apparent to me that he really would be stupid enough to try and set something like this up. I also feel that Windsor doesn't have anything to gain by saying this, he only wants to do the right thing, otherwise he would've flat-out named Ando during the election.

The Road To Surfdom has an interesting analysis of Ando's statement in regards to the allegations.

The attention is now turning to Greg Maguire, the local Tamworth hotel owner who was sent to Windsor to ask him to stand down. Maguire agreed with Windsor that it was an absurd proposition, but just said that he was only the messenger (Windsor has given him his support (and at News Ltd too)). He is due to give his statement tomorrow, so this'll all get even crazier. Which side will he take? Has either side bought him off? Will a gigantic muckraking campaign kick off?

The mayor of Tamworth reckons this entire thing has been blown out of proportion, and that Maguire just said to Windsor that he was crap and should take a job overseas.

Windsor's campaign secretary, Helen Tickle has given a statement to the police, but won't discuss it with anyone.

I will change my predictions of a Bolt/Akerman puff-piece on Ando to a Bolt/Akerman character assasination on Windsor/Maguire based on what HackWatch said. It is much more their MO.

WebDiary is keeping track of everything going on in Question Time and elsewhere, and makes for an interesting read. Labor have been giving Ando a hammering over it.

The Age and News Ltd have further analysis on everything.
" ... I can simply say to you ... I fully support John Anderson, I believe him, he's a very honest person. I retain full confidence in John Anderson, and I haven't met a more honest, faithful person in public life. That's my view of the man. And I've certainly always found Senator Macdonald, the other person involved, to be very straight forward and honest."

But how much is the testimonial of a repeatedly proven liar worth?