Completely Biased

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Lesson In Life #46973: Whilst moonlighting is always good to make extra cash, it so isn't worth the extra time it requires.

So, so busy. I haven't even had time to pluck petals off flowers and wonder if Ms Fits loves me or not. This past fortnight has shown me how easy it is to just not care about everything that is going on. But I'll try and get back in the loop now.

I got my ALP membership card, all with my name nice and mispelt on it. Lovely. There's a new members night on Tuesday, but I can't make it. Best case scenario, if I caught CityRail into Sydney, I'd get there just as it was ending. Worst case scenario, I'd die of old age on the train. Thanks Carr. If anyone is going, could you punch him in the head for me?

First local branch meeting is on Friday, so hopefully I'll get to have a say on how the ALP is hell-bent on being the Liberal Party.
"You know, our best chance for re-election is to become the Liberal party!"
"Yes, that's brilliant! Because people would be more likely to vote for us if we don't provide any alternative ideas and just shout 'me too!' at everything!"
"This is genius!"
"You know what else? There's not nearly enough attempts to undermine our leader going on. I say we really try to damage him and our prospects, because that'd just be a fucking stupid thing to do."

Secret conversations from within the upper echelons! I swear, it's getting stupider than the WWE. That's the only other thing I can think of that has factions, too.

I'll start posting again tomorrow. I'll be here all night if I'm going to write about everything that's been happening over the last two weeks (strange dealings going on in Queensland, Howard agreeing to see Michael Long after he walked 400km, the Daily Telegraph manufacturing a P plate "crisis," Miranda Devine somehow being on the panel into an inquiry on reading in schools), so I'll leave it for now. There's heaps of other sites to find all that out anyway.