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Friday, January 14, 2005

Brand New Day

are we getting screwed or is it just me?

Like Australian citizens overseas, this blog has been totally abandoned for way too long. So I am back from my apathetic break from the blogging world, all ready to spew out another round of hate-filled bile. What triggered it? Why, Phillip Ruddock of all people, but I'll get to that later.

So what've I missed? Quite a bit, it would seem. Andrew Bolt had one last tug while looking in the mirror and took off on holidays; Piers Akerman is still putting the boot into Latham while he's down; after all the efforts to install McDemocracy™ in Iraq, apparently we can't be fucked actually letting Iraqis vote; the Free Trade Agreement has come into effect and Holden are already looking at manufacturing most of their cars in America and importing them, instead of building them here; and most likely countless other things that I haven't even read about. I don't even know what Ando is up to now. Must get onto that.

Oh wait, he's mentioned here in a story on a road funding election promise that the Government has since bailed on.

Yes, Ruddock. What a twat. He looks like the big evil green face in the Wizard Of Oz too. Anyway, he was on the 7:30 Report the other night stating that even though Mamdouh Habib hasn't been charged after three years of being left to rot in a prison camp with a dodgy legal system, they'd still give him shit when he returned to Australia.
HEATHER EWART: But in a democracy like ours, if charges are not laid, isn't a person entitled to live normally with the presumption of innocence?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Well, they're entitled to live a normal life, subject to Australian law, and...

HEATHER EWART: Do you see what I mean? What sort of precedent are you setting here?

PHILIP RUDDOCK: Well, no, I'm simply saying that under Australian law, there are certain authorities that have - with appropriate consents to undertake a range of activities in relation to any Australians.

Oh it's great. My favourite quote was this:
No, but in accordance with the rules of war, enemy combatants are entitled to be held until the conclusion of hostilities. I mean, that's the principle. The war against terror is a significant engagement in which we're all involved, and it is not concluded.

That's right, the rules of war apply because we're apparently at war! Only problem is that we don't actually know who we're at war with.

The good old ALP is having a fun time imploding yet again isn't it? And they wonder why they don't win elections. Contrary to popular belief, Latham is staying on (although other news sources are speculating still, so who knows really). And he's alive. Although Ms Fits' reasoning is hard to argue with. And what the shit, Kim Beazley is eyeing leadership again?! GIVE IT UP ALREADY. Latham's statement is here. I have to say this speculation about Gillard is cool though.

And the US has given up on trying to find WMDs in Iraq. Will Howard admit Australians were misled? Sure he will!

Fairfax are looking at going shopping for Ten, due to cross-media laws getting axed in July. But what if PBL buys Fairfax? Would that mean Nine would own Ten? It is late and I should be sleeping. Night all; I'll try and do a more organised post tomorrow.