Completely Biased

Monday, January 31, 2005

Waiting For A Day That Will Never Come

I can't get motivated to do this anymore. Every time I read the paper it is always about the party I hoped would represent me in parliament bickering among themselves and being general fuckwits. How can anything change with an opposition being so pathetic? Hooray. Kim Beazley again. Hooray. Now all we need is a spine.

If they ever get their shit together, then maybe I could start ranting again, but at this point it's just like watching a bunch of fucking lemmings walk around in circles.

So this is me more or less giving up. Maybe when Gillard's time comes we can get excited again. But for now, I'm content to just read page after page of bad news every single fucking day. I'll still stalk you all on your blogs and have an argument with anyone who starts one, but for now, I'm done posting.

It's been a fun/depressing couple of months. Best wishes to all of my filthy communist hippie friends, and I'll be back when I no longer feel like I'm just constantly bashing my head against a wall.

A spineless teddy bear, the Invisible Woman, and a bunch of termites...