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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Ando Zone: Episode 11

Alright, I seem to keep coming back to this blog after bailing on it, so from now on I'll not give it up, but just not make any promises on when I'll next update. I have no net access while I'm typing this, as I'm out in woop woop, but I saved a bunch of bits of news to work from.

the ando zone

You'll remember that around November 22nd of last year, the federal police decided not to go ahead with a case against Ando and friends, as there was a lack of evidence. Whether or not this was the case, we'll never know, but Ando has gotten away with it in any case.

However, the Senate has gotten an inquiry underway (while they still can) into electoral rorts (ie. pork barreling), featuring the Ando scandal as the centrepiece.

Tony Windsor has stood by his allegations made against Ando still, and this time two of his staffers (Helen Tickle, campaign secretary, and Stephen Hall, campaign manager) have backed him up on his claims. Hall and Windsor have also stated that Greg McGuire (the guy that made the offer of a diplomatic posting to Windsor) said on three separate occasions that he'd lie to police to protect Ando, because he didn't want to be the person who "brings down the Deputy PM."

"I recall him saying, 'Look, they're so desperate they'd offer you anything, a diplomatic posting,' and he said, Senator Macdonald was on the sideline, "Yes we can arrange anything." So, yeah, and I recall him saying that I know that Tony was upset by that comment, and that I have said in my police statement as well, I recall he was offended by this. He actually swore. I didn't catch what he said cause he didn't say it very loudly, but he's not a person who swears in front of women, in fact it's the first time he ever has in front of me and he turned and apologised."
- Helen Tickle

Hall also said that McGuire threatened him, in that if he didn't go along with McGuire's version of events, he would "finish him."

Ando still says the claims are untrue, and that he lies awake crying at night over them. Well, not that extreme, but something to that effect.

Fat Kim has challenged Ando to face the Senate inquiry.

"I think what the deputy prime minister ought to do, if he believes that his reputation is being impugned, he should appear before the inquiry."
- The Spineless One

In fact, Ando, McGuire, Senator Macdonald and De-Anne Kelly (former regional affairs secretary) have all dodged appearing before the inquiry.

(yes, that sucked, but I'm still getting back in the swing of things)