Completely Biased

Friday, February 11, 2005

More Blogging From The Future

Are you in Asia Dave? Are we married in the future?

Yes to both, Lee Lee. We got married a while back, have a mind-blowing sex life, and are still as totally hawt as the day we met. We have a nice partnership going - I write the movies and you make them (and yes, the highlight of your life so far (beating our wedding day) was directing Steve Martin's last film before he died). Go us. We're currently in Asia (main reason we're overseas is for you - the entire collapse of the Australian film industry means you have to travel abroad to get work), but I'm a bit worried about the situation here. It looks like there's a war of the nuclear variety brewing between China and the US - America wants to "democracise them back into the stone age," and China is just telling them to get fucked.

It's mainly due to America's dominance as a superpower starting to crumble, and that China's economy has gone from strength to strength (mainly at the expense of the US). There's still some anger over President Schwarzenegger's assasination a few years ago, which some Chinese officials were allegedly involved in, and the media has constantly been stirring that pot since then, trying to get a real anti-Asian sentiment going. I'll give it a few more months until something happens.

So yeah, it's a bit iffy. We're not in China, but there's a chance it could spill over the borders. In any case though, this has been one hell of a trip!